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Cremation Services

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There are many options when considering cremation. A Cremation service does not have to be different from a traditional funeral service. The extent and the content of a cremation service are entirely subject to the wishes of the family. They may choose as much formality or as little as they feel they want to remember their loved one. 

The choice of cremation in no way eliminates a funeral. A traditional or contemporary-type service is often planned to take place before the cremation process. A funeral service followed by cremation is not different than a funeral service followed by ground burial. 

With Cremation, the family has the option of buying or renting a casket for a proper time of viewing and closure. The family may choose to have a period of visitation prior to the service. 

Quite often a memorial service is held after the cremation has occurred or perhaps the family would choose to gather at a convenient time for the final committal of the cremated remains. The family may choose to have a period of visitation prior to or immediately following the service. 

Cremation services also allow for Memorialization. Memorialization is when the remains of someone are afforded a resting place that can be identified by the name and dates. A memorial, regardless of its size, serves as basic human need to remember and be remembered. A final resting place for cremated remains can be provided by various means. The family may choose an urn and place the urn in a columbarium, which is a building or structure where single niche space or family units may be selected. Some churches and most cemeteries have columbariums that can be engraved with the deceased name and dates. The urn may also be buried in a family plot and be memorialized by a stone or bronze monument. 

Another option for a final disposition of the cremated remains is scattering. This may be done legally in most areas. The location of scattering can also be memorialized by a monument or by a more personal type of memorialization such as a tree, rose bush, or other type of perennial to plant in a special area. 

Other questions concerning cremation can be addressed at the funeral home. Please feel free to call or drop by for a Step by Step explanation of the cremation process. 

It is important to remember that cremation does not limit the funeral in any way, in fact can give a greater number of options in the remembrance of those who are no longer with us.

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